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Portfolio Management Services

Nifty Future & Bank Nifty Future
Minnimum Balance
₹ 2 lac.
Holding period
2-15 days
Joining Fee
₹ 999
A 10 years backtested strategy will be implified.
Only Performance-based Profit-Sharing fee.
Note : Joining fee will be adjusted on the first month's profit sharing.

30% profit sharing fee on NET PROFITS Only.

Profit Sharing amount is calculated Net Profits only; that is any losses made are deducted from profits before arriving at net profits.
Weekly reporting by WhatsApp Only.
Every week, weekly net and total position details will be sent to you.
Reports will be given by WhatsApp & Telegram.
The holding duration of Trades will be 2-15 days.
Payment of our Share of Profit/Performance based fee.
  • Any time of the month you can Join.
  • The member is required to deposit our share of profit next day after 3 months in order to continue his service.
  • Index Future: Only 1 lot Nifty future we will use with the capital of 2 lac.
  • No fixed fee
  • First Earn, then pay
  • Individual attention through personal whatsapp number
Registered Trader
PMS Strategy
Trusted User